About Michael Hansen

My name is Michael James Hansen and since 2010, I have been committed to serving clients by providing professional, knowledgeable and reliable mortgage services to help you save time and money. I personally originated and funded over 800 loans without 1 single online complaint and I guarantee the lowest fees in the industry.


Arizona is a fantastic state to be in the mortgage business. The state consistently ranks as one of the fastest growing states in the nation. In addition, the Phoenix metropolitan area continues to attract health care, technology and finance jobs which are typically higher income jobs, which provide a steady pool of buyers. Furthermore, the rising housing values, retirees and housing affordability makes Arizona a great state to be get a mortgage license.


You may be glad to hear that I am an honorable USAF veteran. I joined during war on 12/11/2001 and was awarded the National Defense Ribbon, the Air Force Achievement Metal, and the Outstanding Unit Award. I served one short tour overseas and spent the remainder of my term in service at Travis AFB, CA. I planned to retire from the military, however after my command received a letter from my mothers doctor insisting that my presence was vital to her survival, I left the USAF and spent her remaining months with her at her side.


One more benefit that I can add to your company besides being able to offer mortgages in Arizona, is ECO friendly technology advise. I have established relationships with the right companies and can provide free advise on how to increase turn times while cutting down cost and in an environmentally friendly way.