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Since 2010, Michael and Danielle Hansen, have been committed to serving clients by providing professional, knowledgeable and reliable wholesale mortgage services to help you save time and money. We have originated and funded over 800 loans without 1 single online complaint. We guarantee the lowest interest rates for the lowest total cost, So EZ Mortgage will approve you for more home at lower payment than the competition. Getting a Loan Estimate from us is So EZ, just click here to get started.


*Warning* "Many lenders and agents will tell you that our pricing is too good to be true, or try to convince you that their pricing superior when it's actually inferior, make sure you get an LE from each of us before locking in your choice on who deserves your business. We assure you our pricing has no hidden surprises, at So EZ, you will get what you expected or better, every client, every time."


- Michael & Danielle Hansen


So EZ Mortgage offers a no closing cost option on many of our loan programs. With this option, our lender credit covers all title, appraisal, and 3rd party fees resulting in absolutely zero closing costs paid by the borrower. Many banks offer a "no point" mortgage where they don't charge fees, however the borrower still must pay for some items such as title and appraisal fees. With our true no closing cost mortgage, the borrower pays no closing costs, period! Our true no closing cost rate is lower than the compititions par rate with closing cost.






Michael J. Hansen is an honorable USAF veteran. He joined during war on 12/11/2001 and was awarded the Air Force Achievment Metal as well as the Outstanding Unit Award.


Michael planned to retire from the military, however after his first shirt recieved a letter from his mothers doctor insisting that his presense was vital to her survival, he left the USAF and spent her remaining months at her side, but not before searving one short tour oversease.

Green is the new black. In fact, it has been the new black for a while, with environmentally responsible companies the world over looking for cost-effective, high-impact ways to become more environmentally friendly.

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So EZ Mortgage is protected by 2 step verification and Google Vaults optimum business encrypted email and document protection. One of the safest systems available in the world today for online businesses.


Most lenders hire processors to process your paperwork exposing your sensisitive data to unknown risks. We processes our own loans, keeping your data private.


We only use HTTPS websites.

When you need a quote over the phone, we will provide it in less than 60 seconds and send a copy to your email without having to run credit or take your application. Most lenders will avoid talking about pricing and string you on until the end on what your actual funds to close will be and how much you are paying in closing cost.


100% of our loans close within the lock or contract period. In most cases your loan will be approved in 1 day and clear to close with appraisal in by the 14th day.


Officer Hansen - 5 Stars



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